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Watches are covered with a ** 7 day replacement from delivery or purchase from any retail partner store.

**A 1 year warranty is guaranteed covering manufacturing defects and failures. Damages and failures due to misuse are not covered by the warranty and may be referred to our service partners for servicing.

Servicing of all our watches are rated for 8 years to retain longevity of the movement and to ensure seals and gaskets are optimal in maintaining water resistance. Service partners will be updated through the website.

Servicing inquiries, claims for replacement, and/or warranty can be emailed to


Effective October 10, 2023

for watches purchased after January 1, 2023.

Replacement of watches will now be 28 days from delivery or purchase.

The limited warranty of watches will now be covered for 2 years.

With minimum 30 years availability of replacement parts or its current equivalent.

De Guzman & Co. would like to thank you for supporting our microbrand. The changes are made in line with the promise of De Guzman & Co. to further expand and grow as the premiere microbrand in the Philippines while offering top value-proposition and innovation. We hope to maintain the sustainability and longevity of our watches as much as the culture we wish to foster. We once again thank you for giving us this opportunity!

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