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The DG002 movement and assembly with specification sheets provided by Seiko Instruments Inc. for fitting.


De Guzman & Co. is a Filipino watch microbrand dedicated to watch enthusiasts, by watch enthusiasts. Inspired by vintage classic timepieces, we are inspired by these watches we not only aspire to own, but cannot or will not be willing to own one. Our company offers value proposition timepieces that pay nod to classic designs of the 20th century.

It is our mission to introduce and showcase the Philippines as a force in the global watch enthusiast market. By offering value proposition timepieces, with our tagline "Mula sa Republika ng Pilipinas", we showcase the Philippines and its culture through our timepieces.

We aim to become the premiere watch microbrand of the Philippines.


Founded by a group of young Filipino watch enthusiasts, they aspire to compete in the watch enthusiast market not just locally, but also globally. Our group is dedicated to bring quality, rugged timepieces, specifically catered and tailored to the watch enthusiast.

With the rise of many microbrands in today’s market, we see a lack of quality timepieces made with the watch enthusiast in mind.

Designed and finished in the Philippines, in collaboration with our partner manufacturers from Hong Kong and Japan, we are dedicated to bringing a competitive edge to the Philippine watch industry and hoping to capture the hearts and wrists of the Filipino people and the world.

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