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from founder and CEO, Gio de Guzman

Greetings from De Guzman & Co.!

We thank you for taking the time to read about how we are as a brand, how we are moving forward, and how 2023 will bring about more changes to the brand and its upcoming releases and management.

Today, De Guzman & Co. has three watch lines still in circulation, the DG008, the DG009 GMT, and the DG010 Diver. Each line representing their specific use cases in land, air, and sea, respectively. We discontinued the DG005 and their variations in 2022 as we move forward in creating more creative space for new upcoming models.

2022 saw the release of the DG009 GMT, and our first use of a movement outside of our usual movement supplier Seiko Instruments Inc. This had its advantages and disadvantages, to which we addressed by accommodating the concerns of our supporters. Expect to see more experimental use of different movements in 2023, striking balance between innovation and reliability as we grow.

DG002 Split Lume.jpg

Our Initial Release: The heavily homage based DG002

In 2022, De Guzman & Co. has experienced difficulty in its shipping and fulfillments landscape. We have had multiple unreliable and late deliveries throughout the year, and this has dismayed or discouraged some of our supporters who have been with us over the years. We are listening and are doing our best in resolving this issue in De Guzman & Co. Late this year, our team took action, and we have decided to invest in a new fulfillments warehouse and a new fulfillments service provider, Payo. As some of you may have noticed later this year, we have improved our shipping and COD services, with some orders only taking 1-2 days before reaching you.


The largely applauded DG008

This 2022, De Guzman & Co. will still maintain its new unique brand identity but with a focus on technical force. 2022, we believe will be our year of Complications


Our team has been hard at work with our partner manufacturers here in the Philippines and abroad. This 2022 we will be introducing more unique pieces and accessories created by our local makers, from locally made leather straps to unique woven watch rolls, expect a more unique showcase of Filipino craftsmanship this year. On the technical aspect, our strong partnership with our international partner manufacturers in Asia enable us this year to bring to you a higher technical focus on our watches. Expect to see complications to be released this year along with our classic three-hand models. These complications help further De Guzman & Co. into creating watches that supersede our own creations, and help bring focus to the Philippine microbrand scene.

DG009 Preview_2.png

CAD model preview of upcoming complications

We are more than excited to present to you our creations this year, and we thank you for supporting us. We are still a young company with much to learn, but we thank you for believing in us and being here with us in our journey. We thank you for supporting us these past years and may 2022 be the year for everyone.



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